Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost Done

This week is my last week of school. It's been crazy busy. Between quizzes, tests, projects, homework, not to mention the stress at work as well with a co-worker out on vacation and a major project that fell into my lap last week when there was a problem in the lab, it's been quite stressful. Also adding to the stress--looking for a new roommate.

It's all culminated into a stressful week where I felt like I didn't have any time to accomplish anything or to really even breath. But two classes are done, a third could be depending on if I want to do more work and get a better grade, one has a test on Monday, and the last will finish on Tuesday with a big project and powerpoint presentation. Yeah, I'm super stressing about that.

So my blog might be in hibernation until Tuesday night, when I will emerge from my school-induced craziness and enjoy the warm days of summer. Until then, wish me luck.

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Brother is Awesome

He drives me around to look for cars. He comes over during NCAA basketball games when I call saying that I've ruined my gears and I don't know what to do. He lets me crash on his couch for a week when I've just had my heart crushed. He thinks about people he can set me up with. And solidifying his awesomeness tonight, he fixed a hose in my car that had a hole in it and was causing mass amounts of steam to emanate from it. He did that after coming over yesterday to check the antifreeze and all my other liquids. So yeah, my brother is awesome. Thought I'd share that with everybody.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Premiered!

Yesterday was not only the celebration of my birth twenty-seven years ago (yep, I'm officially a menace to society now), but it also marked my premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. Remember that film I worked on last year, the one that was shot in the snow and cold of Park City, that marked the beginning of the end of my life in New York City, that gave me a chance to be on the big screen as a nurse. Yep, it's finally out for the masses to see and is getting it's big premiere at Tribeca Film Festival.

I got an e-mail earlier in the week from the movie's producer about it premiering on the 24th, and there was a small part of me (let's be honest, it was a big part of me) that wanted to get plane tickets for the weekend and head on out to the city. How cool would it have been to see the movie I worked on of which I'm an extra in a small scene at the festival I used to work for on my birthday?! Yeah, pretty neat.

My birthday was pretty cool without it, though.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Concert with Cousins (And a Sister)

Thursday night I rocked out to Daughtry with Emily and my cousins Phaedra and Marilyn. I got to the concert late and missed the opening opening act of Cavo. I have class Thursday nights, and I must admit that when I left class to make my way to the concert a few minutes away, I wasn't in the mood for rocking out or talking with people. I was frustrated with my class and my inability to figure out my final project and felt like even though I aced my tests, I was having serious problems converting that knowledge to actual map making.

But I arrived, mere moments before Lifehouse went on stage. These guys' biggest hit, for me anyway, was Hanging By a Moment, which came out at least ten years ago because I was in high school. I had the song (illegally) downloaded from Napster and it was ubiquitous on the radio. And I remember the video that played on VH1 and MTV because the lead singer had some awful hair that veered dangerously close to being called the "butt-crack" hair cut. At any rate, they fell off my radar years ago. But they put on a good show, rocked out, sang their most famous hit, and did what an opening band is supposed to: get us ready for the show.

Then it was Daughtry, the real reason everyone came to the concert. This guy somehow didn't win American Idol when he had the fortune of being on it, but that really doesn't seem to matter as he has an amazing career, credibility, a good voice, and two number one records. Also, his music appeals to a large base of people.

Even though I don't own any of their cds and wouldn't call them my favorite music, I do love most of their radio hits. Daughtry sings with a lot of emotion about important things-- mainly love, getting your heart mashed, and love. He's very fond of equating his love for someone with dying, which is sort of how you feel sometimes. My favorite song was performed, Over You, and it really was powerful. When he sings, "I got over you," it's with such emotion and, honestly, a little bit of anger, that I really feel it.

By the end of the night I was really feeling the music and the energy of the crowd (although some of them decided to leave before the encore. There's always an encore people). It was an awesome night, and made me remember that there's something about musicians that is totally hot and infatuating.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Your Highest Priority

Stake Conference today. A nice change from the normal routine. One thing that never changes from the routine: the iteration that we need to get married. As if all us singles sitting in the chapel and gym need to be reminded of it. But apparently we do. We also need to be told that it should be our highest priority, since the average age of our stake is a shocking 26! Yeah, next week I'll be above-average.

Even though I don't like the idea of making marriage the endpoint and goal of your life like you're playing a game (because you'll still have to live and struggle and wake up and go to school and all that even after you're married) I'll do my part and ask my friends and family if they know of anyone. If he could look like this, that would be great. But I'm not picky. There. Nothing more high priority than putting it on your blog.

P.S. Race-day pictures coming. Even though I found my camera my SDcard isn't correctly working, and once I get that figured out there will be a post with pics of me and kiddies.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Day At the Races

My race day started earlier than the 7:30 start time. Because I live on the east side of the valley in Sugarhouse, I am in the direct area of the marathon. All streets I needed to use to get to the TRAX line to get me to the race were blocked off. This was something I should've thought about the night before and planned for. I am not a planner and am a perennial procrastinator. This always has dire consequences that make my non-procrastinator self very mad at my procrastinator self.

After realizing that there was no way I would be able to cross State Street at any place, I made the decision to park somewhere near the University TRAX line and make my way from there. But, sadly, it seemed like if I couldn't cross State Street neither could the train. After being told, after walking to the Library Station from the Trolley Square Station, that I could catch a train at Gallivan Plaza to the start of the race at The Gateway, I booked it to Gallivan Plaza. Once there, I was told the next train would arrive at 7:30. The race started at 7:30. It was 7:23. I decided that if I wanted to run the race, I'd have to make it The Gateway by foot. And so I ran. When I got to the corner I could hear the announcer saying, "Are you guys ready?! Here we go.." As I entered the race had just begun.

Once again, I booked it to the end of the line, and a very nice volunteer said she would hold my bag for me as I ran. Seriously, a lifesaver and an angel. I had enough time, in the huge bottleneck of people getting to the start line, to catch my breath and get my ipod started. And then I crossed the start line and I was off. Yeah, I had already ran 2.5 miles just getting there (I googlemapped it). Needless to say, I didn't run the entire time.

But I did it and finished and felt really good afterward, and was glad that I made myself get to the race when I could've just given up.

Lesson learned: Be prepared, don't expect things to be perfect, work hard, plan ahead, and give it your all.

I've misplaced my camera, so tomorrow I will post about the race with pictures...if the camera is found...

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello everyone! Every once in awhile I go through blog droughts. This week seemed so busy, and on Wednesday and Thursday I coulda swore it was Friday. And now it is Friday and I have to go to bed because tomorrow I'm running a 5k. But I wanted to end the drought before it went on for too long. Even though there are tons of things I've wanted to blog about all week--most notably the Jazz game Wednesday night with my sister, cousins, and Ivy--I'm sadly one of those people who if they don't blog about it when it happens it sort of gets forgotten about.

So I'll leave you with this: work is good, car is getting better, school is almost done (at least this semester), I'm not ready for my 5k tomorrow, and I always want chocolate.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

No, Shampoo is Better

Saturday I got my haircut, as it had been a year (almost to the day) since I had last had it cut. My hairstylist talked me into buying some shampoo and conditioner they had on sale, since it would be good for my oily and volume-deficient hair. And since hair is our greatest accessory, and what's wrong with giving it a little TLC, I bought them.

They cost more than my haircut. I guess I can check that off my list of things I want--super expensive shampoo that makes my hair oh-s0-soft.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Something New

In case you haven't noticed, my blog has been changed. It was really slow at work yesterday and I had time to look around at a lot of things on the internet. I've been meaning to change my blog for awhile, but could never find something I really liked. I had my heart and mind set on something with an owl, because I've become obsessed with them a little. So I googled, "cute owl template", and this random site popped up, She has some really awesome stuff, so check it out. Mine is called "The Owl and Pussycat...went to sea," and I really loved the image of them in a canoe, by the moonlight, playing a guitar, and the cat with that happy, peaceful look on its face. And the colors just really pop!

Also, I love my new camera. I love even more that when I took it out of the box and it was making a weird clicking sound, Best Buy exchanged it for me with no problems. Pictures forthcoming from the totally awesome new camera.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Things I Want

Tonight I bought myself a new camera. Mine was over three years old and really starting to look like a dinosaur, akin to the "brick" cell phones made famous by Zack Morris. And since I got a nice big raise with becoming a permanent employee, I decided to treat myself. And then I became super materialistic and imagined all the things I'd like to buy:
--a new laptop; this might actually be a necessity like the camera since mine is falling apart and is super slow. Good thing my work offers discounts at Dell
--a flat screen tv
--a new ipod, since mine is super old and is only 1GB
--new glasses
--super expensive shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair feel oh-so-soft
--plane tickets to Prague
--new running shoes and clothes
--a really good massage
--new dresses for spring and summer
--all seasons of LOST

Some of these things are definitely needs while others are most assuredly wants. I can wait and control myself, because I also want to be able to pay tuition and save for grad school. But sometimes, buying is just so fun...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Easter Thought

It was Easter Day two years ago that I started my blog. That morning I had to attend a meeting at the Crew, and then headed uptown to attend church. I was invited by some friends to have Easter dinner with them in their cute brownstone in Harlem. I was assigned to bring dessert--angel food cake. I took on this duty with the full intent that I could make it even though I did not have an angel food cake pan. I did not want to buy one (I was a poor New Yorker with no vision of me using it again), and after consulting my roommates, decided I could bake it in two circle pans. The dinner was amazing, and when it came time for dessert, I was a little embarrassed at my cake, as it had burned a little, was a little lopsided, and because one of the people there was an actual dessert chef. It tasted fine if each bite was covered with whip cream and loads of strawberries.

At the time, I had only been in New York for seven months. It would be first Easter away from home. Jessica was kind enough to invite me. The people in the picture are really amazing people; Marcus helped me move in even though he had never met me, Cristi is so kind and genuine, Jessica always has great things to say, Soo was always good for a nice laugh, Jeff helped me move twice and has the distinction of having performed at The Apollo, I don't know Adam very well, and Aaron is the pastry chef who now lives in Dubai. Wow. What a great time.

When I got home from dinner, I created my blog.

Now here it is two years later. And again I don't really have an Easter thought, except that Easter is a great time of reflection on the Savior's resurrection. So other than that, I'll give you my thought on Easter: Make good judgments, but don't judge.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Ivy!

My oldest niece turned 9 today!! I can't believe it. Nine-years-old!! I remember when she was born and just a baby, when she would fall asleep with her red Clifford dog, when she'd shake her booty when we'd ask, when she was learning to talk, when she started kindergarten, when she lost her two front teeth. I love my Ivy so much, and hope her ninth year is amazing!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday and April's Fools

Today is Good Friday. It also marks my first holiday being a permanent employee at Myriad Genetics (oh, didn't you know, I finally got hired on as real employee? My bad...that post to come) which means I got paid to sleep in, go shopping, and see a movie today. Pretty much awesome. (Also awesome--the actual meaning of Good Friday; not that Christ was crucified, but that that led to the Resurrection, which is why we celebrate Easter)

This time of year I always reflect on things past. While yesterday was a day marked with memories, it wasn't all that bad. For many people, even those close to me, it was just a day. I tried to make it that way for myself, too. Birthdays and holidays and anniversaries are only important days because we give meaning to them; they're not inherently meaningful. April 3rd is meaningful because my niece was born that day nine years ago. April 24th is meaningful because twenty-seven years ago I was born that day. These days only carry meaning for my family and friends--to the rest of the world they're just days. So that's how I tried to make April 1st. Just a day on the calendar, that is meant to mark April Fools', and not April's Fools.

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