Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Royals Downtown

With the last five posts being about the Royals, my blog is officially overtaken by them. Like I said, it's an exciting time. Saturday I decided to drive to KC and watch the game at the Power & Light District with a ton of other people. Weather was perfect, the crowd was excited, and the game started out promising. Then the Royals took a nose dive.

I left mid 7th inning. I listened to the rest of the game in my car as I drove back home to Topeka. I sure hope we win tonight.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Old Foto Friday

Halloween 1985. I chose this because 1) it's nearly Halloween, and 2) 1985 was when the Royals were last in the World Series. In case you didn't know, I'm a Royals fan. In 1985 I had no idea who the Royals were; I was just excited about my clown costume and trick-or-treating.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

World Series Game One

The Royals are in the World Series for the first time since 1985. This is a big deal. All of Kansas (and Missouri, too, since that's the state they actually play in) is going crazy about this. Anywhere you go you see people sporting Royals gear. My newsfeed on Facebook has become inundated with Royals articles and play-by-plays of the games. It is awesome. I decided to be a Royals fan when I moved to Kansas last year, and it feels pretty darn good to have them playing in the World Series.

Topeka Metro has "Go Royals!" on our buses, and employees can wear jeans if wearing a Royals shirt. I insisted on getting a picture of all of us on Tuesday before the game.

My co-workers: Terri, Susan, Denise, Me, Alan and Maribeth

Then I met my friends at Johnny's Tavern in Lawrence to watch the game. The Royals did not play well, but it was a fun night anyway. I mean, as fun as it can be when your team loses badly.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Royals Sweep

Saturday night, on a whim, I purchased a ticket for the Royals/Angels game at Kauffman stadium. I knew that if I didn't I would sit at home that night, upset that I couldn't watch it on tv and then annoyed that I hadn't just bought a ticket. There's something about experiencing an event first hand that makes it so much more cool.

It was a great night for baseball, even if it rained a bit. The fans were excited and the Royals played great. I was actually kind of annoyed that I had to stand much of the game. But I was very glad that this game did not go into extra innings.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Work Trips and Royals Games

Tuesday afternoon I left for a work trip to Grand Rapids. Tuesday was also the day the Royals played in their Wildcard game. It's their first time in the post-season since 1985. So it's kind of a big deal. At the KC airport there were a lot of people sporting Royals gear. I was not wearing my Royals shirt, so to make it known I was also a fan I said, generally very enthusiastically and loudly, to those wearing shirts/hats, "Go Royals!!"

I continued this at the Minneapolis airport. We missed our flight, and was able to watch the game in the hotel. The Royals won in 12 innings, extending their play in the post season.

Game 1 was Thursday night, and I was  now in Wichita with my City co-workers for the Kansas APA Conference. We sat in a sports bar with other planners and watched the game. It was the best. The Royals won Game 1 in extra innings.

Last night was  Game 2. Sadly I was not able to watch (it's Foxtober, however these games are on TBS, a channel I don't have). I looked into getting tickets for the upcoming home games, but they are very expensive. Maybe I'll look into tickets again after they win this series....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

First NFL Game

As I was driving home from the airport after dropping Em off, I got a call from my friend Janae. On her 30 Before 30 List is "Go to an NFL game". She's turning 30 in November, and in her quest to complete the list asked if I wanted to go to the Chiefs/Patriots game coming up on Monday night. Clearly my answer was yes.

It was a perfect night for football. Janae and I had so much fun. The fans are crazy, but all of them were so nice! Fireworks shot off every time the Chiefs scored. Everyone seemed to stand the entire time the opposing team was on the field. We all wore red. It was awesome.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Sister Was Here

Since moving to Kansas a year and a half ago, I have not had anyone come out and visit me. Sure, my mom and Ivy were here when I moved out, but that was just a couple days and did not involve any site seeing or eating out or general vacation-y things; we unloaded, unpacked, and then they left. So when my sister was available to come out I was pretty psyched.

She arrived last Thursday and left Tuesday afternoon. We went to the Plaza, the Alamo Drafthouse and Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City. I showed her my loft and where I work and the streets I drive on. We went to a Royal's game, the state Capitol, Brown v. Board Historic Site. She went to church with me, met my friends, had dinner with my friend, and attended a bridal shower with me. We took a road trip through Kansas to see the geographic center of the contiguous United States, the larges ball of twine, and the Garden of Eden. We ate at local restaurants and diners and just had a great time.

Then she left and it was sad. I'm used to being alone most of the time, with just Biscuit to give me company. This isn't a bad thing, as I have lots of friends to do things with when I want to be social. But having my sister here was different. She knows me so well and I loved having her see what my life is like here and her being a part of it. I drove home from the airport feeling sad that I was alone again, even though I'm alone all the time.

My life is Kansas is fine. Pretty good actually. But sometimes I miss being around family and spending time with them.


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