Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I have decided that I am going to run the Pioneer Day Deseret News 10k on July 24th. I ran this two summers ago and it was pretty awesome. This time around, though, I'm attempting to train for real for it. I perused the internet and found an 8-week training schedule that I should be able to follow. It involves 3 running days, two cross train days, and two days of rest each week.As the weeks go on my mileage increases. Today was run number 2, and it went pretty well. I'm not running the whole 2 miles at this point, but I hope to be able to work up to at the training progresses.

This is part of my Thirtieth Year Goal to exercise more and get in shape!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Book Club: A Breath of Eyre

This month's Book Club was a retelling of Jane Eyre (which is essentially a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, which is Jenel's favorite fairy tale). It was also Jenel's birthday month and her time to host! I must disclose that I LOVE Jane Eyre; I first read it when I had been in New York not for very long and I fell in love with Jane and Mr. Rochester. So many parts of the book I underlined. I love Jane and her strong character and her good nature. I love that she does the right things even though it's hard. And I love Mr. Rochester. I know a lot of girls swoon for Mr. Darcy, and he is pretty swoon-able, but for me Mr. Rochester takes the cake.

We had a great discussion about the book and all the things we liked and didn't like. I must say that I really love having two writers in the group because they see so many things that I would never pick up on. The book is a cute read, but I would recommend the original Jane Eyre any day of the week and twice on Sundays over this book.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello, Mr. Secretary

I've been waiting to post about this until the pictures became available, because I love pictures and they are awesome. Part of being the WTS Scholarship winner is that I get invited to cool events, and get to have private meetings with important people. People like the Secretary of the Department of Transportation Ray LaHood. That's me to the left of him! Mayor Ralph Becker was also there. I was standing next to him at the stop light across from Abravanel Hall and didn't even notice it!

This was a very cool event. I was surrounded by smart, intelligent, professional women working in transportation. When I met Secretary LaHood, I mentioned that I liked his pin (from his earlier event of the Sugarhouse Streetcar groundbreaking) and then he gave it to me! Very cool. I felt super cool as I left the event and walked home (too bad I found out a couple days later that I didn't get an internship with the DOT). Awesome night.

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