Sunday, April 26, 2015

32 And Awesome

Many months ago, probably in October or something, after realizing that my birthday fell on a Friday, I asked my friends if they wanted to spend the weekend in NYC to celebrate. They all agreed and we put it on our calendars. However, in the intervening months I got a new job in Denton and moved away to the great state of Texas. Since moving is expensive, I knew I couldn't swing a trip to NYC. But I didn't want to miss the opportunity of still spending my birthday weekend with my friends.

So I invited them to visit me in Denton. And I have been looking forward to it since the day I arrive in Texas. Because I miss them terribly and the awesomeness they bring into my life.

Kate, Janae and Jessica arrived Friday afternoon. After performing a birthday song in my hallway, we hit up the movie theater to see "The Age of Adaline," because it is a birthday tradition to see a movie on my birthday/birthday weekend. When my birthday falls on a Friday I love it because then all the movie posters and trailers are plastered with my birth date. We spent the rest of the evening experiencing bits of Denton--Rooster's for brisket hamburgers and then Beth Marie's for ice cream.

Saturday we headed south for a day in Dallas. It was a fabulous day, full of parks and walking and museums and fun picture-taking and sno-cones and people-watching. We saw where JFK was shot in downtown Dallas. We had amazing Mexican food. We happened upon a group taking pictures for prom, and watched them for awhile as we created backstories for them all.

We came back to Denton to hit up the Arts and Jazz Festival, a yearly music fest in Denton that is kind of a big deal. We were pounded with rain on Friday, so the grounds were a bit wet but not too bad. We listened to a jazz band and soaked in the atmosphere, before coming back to my place to unwind. Kate did mine and Jess' hair while we watched "Miss Congeniality."

They left today after some lunch post church. It was the perfect weekend.


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