Saturday, August 27, 2016

It's Been Awhile

Two months, actually, since I last had a blog post. You see, my laptop had the "blue screen of death" a little over a year ago. When I asked friends on Facebook for tips on new laptops, my friend Doug offered to let me use his until I bought a new one.

I borrowed it for over a year.

Then Doug wanted it back because he was having a garage sale and wanted to sell the laptop (I had already told him I would pass on his because I wanted something new; lame considering I used it FOR A YEAR! So I gave it back to him.

And didn't buy a laptop. You see, I had just bought a home and was in the throws of packing and all that. Did you know it's expensive to move? The rental truck and the hook-up fees for new services and all the new items I needed (and still need) for a bigger space. So the laptop just went on the backburner.

I missed blogging. But I also missed looking at a big screen for some of my tasks - checking routes on Google Maps, checking my budget, researching items, etc. My phone can get me by on most everything, but sometimes that big screen is nice.

So today I did it. I had asked around and decided that a Chromebook would be just the thing for me - I'm not a student anymore so I don't need my computer for writing papers/making presentations/making spreadsheets; I'm not a gamer; and I can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime on my t.v. I just need something fairly simply.

All this to say that I am now back in the blogging world. Most everyone who reads my blog is also friends with me on Facebook, so y'all know what's basically going on in my life. However, I like my blog as a place where I can go more in depth (especially with movie reviews! I have a lot to say about this summer!).

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