Sunday, March 18, 2018

Love Panther

I saw two movies this past week. They were very different movies, and I really liked one and was just "eh" about the other.

On Tuesday, giving in to the hype, I finally sat down in a theater to watch Black Panther. I had delayed seeing it because I am really superhero'd out. The MCU has just gotten so big that I don't really care very much about ALL the characters anymore. Black Panther didn't change my mind. I get the cultural significance (just like Wonder Woman, which I was also underwhelmed by), but it never came together for me. I was bored, because all the MCU movies feel the same, and I just can't get excited about another fight between two CGI figures or a car chase through a city (I actually fell asleep during the car chase). I thought Chadwick Boseman gave a lifeless and uninspired performance as T'Challa, and I felt no chemistry between him and Lupita Nyong'o.

Today I went to see the high school rom-com Love Simon and I loved it so much. I cared about every single one of the characters. Nick Robinson, as high schooler Simon deciding how and when to come out to his family, friends, and community, gives a truly lovely and standout performance. When Simon sees how those around him react to gay people, incuding his father, it opened my eyes to how terrifying it can be for a person to come out.

I was incredibly moved - I laughed and cried. It was a perfect high school coming-of-age story and I hope everyone goes to see it. Because love is love is love is love is love....

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Chance and the Vet Visit

Last Saturday Chance threw up his morning food while I was busy cleaning every room of my home. I didn't think much of it because Chance can sometimes have a sensitive stomach. I finished cleaning and went to the dog park with friends. I returned and, since it was dinnertime, I fed the cats.

Feeding time is normally a bit crazy. Every time, Chance acts as if he's never been fed before. It's bad enough that I have to put his food in the bathroom and then shut the door so he won't race through eating his and then go for Biscuit's food. I placed his food bowl down and he didn't do anything. He sniffed it and then walked away. He didn't even go after Biscuit's food.

Hmmm. Strange.

Chancey then threw up all Sunday, except he wasn't eating or drinking so all he was throwing up was stomach bile. He was sad and listless. Basically the opposite of how he is most of the time. It made me sad. And also slightly concerned.

I took him to the same vet that shaves Biscuit every year. They took his temperature (normal) and did an over-the-fur pat down (nothing out of the ordinary). They decided to give him a shot (which I later found out was anti-nausea medicine). Chance did not like it and I don't ever want to see that side of Chance again. They also gave me medicine to give to him. Since he's not eating, they also gave me a syringe to put the pills in - I was supposed to get it wet then shoot it down his throat twice a day.

I took him home, went back to work. I was a little frustrated because it seemed like Chance's symptoms were being  addressed, but not he reason why he was throwing up. He was good for about a day, but then he threw up again. Giving him the pills (which I later learned were antacids) was a major struggle, and by the third time he clenched his jaw shut.

I came home from work Wednesday night and he had thrown up on the couch (twice) and the floor. I was at my wit's end - frustrated, sad, upset, unsure. My dear friend Kevin Ann gave me the name of her vet. They called me back Thursday morning and said they could get him in - on Monday. Chance would not make it to Monday - he hadn't eaten anything since Saturday!

This was the moment I broke down a little. I was sitting in my office and cried just a little bit. Then I bucked up and called another vet. They asked about Chance, and knew he needed to come in right away. I rushed home, put him in his carrier, and drove to Southridge Animal Hospital.

I immediately felt at ease when I arrived. Chance and I were taken to a room, where a vet tech examined him. They knew it was bad that he was throwing up but not eating, so they immediately took him to get bloodwork and an x-ray. The x-ray showed that he had a foreign object in his stomach.

The main vet checked it out, too, and said Chance needed to get into surgery right now.

It was nice to finally know what was wrong with him. And to have a solution in place. I signed the paperwork, after getting a briefing on what it would cost (not cheap), while Chance was getting prepped for surgery.

I returned to work, and felt a lot of relief that Chance was finally on the road to being better. He made it through the surgery (and neutering!) like a champ, and had to spend the night there. When I picked him up on Friday after work, the workers at the vet asked if Chance was normally a good cat at home. It was a hard question to answer, because sometimes he is a pill. I usually chalk it up to him still being a kitten. Apparently, though, Chance was not a fan of being at the vet!

He has staples in this stomach, but he's basically back to normal. Thankfully he isn't scratching or licking his staples, since there was no way he was going to wear the collar they gave me.

I sure love this crazy cat of mine, who chooses to play with (and then swallow) random things on the floor even though I buy him lots of toys. I'm glad he's back home.

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