Wednesday, March 26, 2008

worn off

Here it is just three days into my blogger life and the novelty of it has already worn off. Maybe it's just my laziness creeping in. I will try to stave off the laziness and hunker-down for some good ol' blog postin!
Since I named this blog "What's goin' on" with the intent of letting people I know be in the know with what's goin' on in my life, I should let you know what's goin' on. I must've forgotten that my life isn't that exciting--so those who are reading you have been warned!
Perhaps I can tell you about my work at J. Crew, or, for those of us in the know, 'The Crew'. Actually, I'm pretty sure no one except Marky Mark calls it the Crew, and he can because he's just cool like that. There's not much to say about working retail except that it sucks, and more so when I have to pretend I care about helping rich, entitled snobs who pay $200 for a sweater because it's cashmere (my apologies to anyone reading this who has done so, I still love you). I'm just a J. Crew poser, pretending to know what I'm talking about with cashmere, cardigans and chinos. I did help a girl last night who told me I had a great hair color, which helped the nose-diving night get a little better.
It's taken awhile, but after nearly four months of working there I finally feel like I'm part of the team (or Crew, if you will). I know people's names, they know mine, we talk while we work, I laugh and joke with them, and it feels comfortable. When I realized that I got a little scared, since this is just supposed to be a job that supports me until I find the work I really want to do. But since that might take awhile, I guess there are worse places than J. Crew. If I'm still there in a year, then there's a problem.
What a boring blog today. My deep commendation for those of you who actually made it thru. I will try to be more interesting next time!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Thought

Wow. Who would've thought I'd be doing this! My very own blog!! Not quite sure why I'm doing it, but it seemed like fun a thing to do when I saw that some of my friends had blogs. And I don't pretend to think that anyone is interested in my life, or my thoughts, but this just might be the closest I get to being introspective. I'm also not good at consistency, and have a tendency to be really bad with follow-thru, so this might only get new posts once every three months--but I'll try. Maybe I'll become hopelessly addicted!
I didn't know what else to title my first blog, and it is Easter, but it might be a misnomer as I don't actually have an Easter thought. So we'll just call it my thoughts I had on Easter day, as opposed to thoughts on Easter itself. Not to say I don't have thoughts about Easter and what it represents from a religious perspective (not the perspective from chocolate bunnies and yellow peeps). It's a great holiday that allows us to reflect and ponder on the resurrection of our Savior--no small thing. I'm glad it's not as over-commercialized as Christmas, another holiday that celebrates the Lord, as his resurrection is something that should be treated with more respect and reverence.
On a completely different note, I can remember the exact moment I stopped believing in the Easter bunny. We were living in our yellow house and the end of the road on top of the hill in Pocatello. I had gotten up early that Easter morning to be the first to find the eggs hidden by the bunny. My brother may have been the designated early-riser for Christmas morning, but I was going to be the first one up for Easter. I poked around the living room and saw nothing. This was good though; seeing nothing meant that the weather was so nice the Easter bunny decided to hide the eggs outside! I rushed to the sliding glass door that overlooked our backyard to get the first glimpse of the eggs I would have to find later. But all I saw was my mom.....with a bag....taking eggs out and placing them in the yard. What? My mom was the Easter bunny? As an 8-year-old I was pretty crushed, but kept the knowledge to myself, deciding to let my mom think I was still in on the game.
And those are my Easter thoughts! Thanks to Jessica, Soo and Cristi for having me over to their place for dinner. Till next time.....

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