Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grad School Is Different

You might have noticed that my blog posts are becoming increasingly few and far between. Basically, grad school is not undergrad, and it's definitely not SLCC. At SLCC I took five classes, and never felt that stressed. Most of my work was busy work. I have two classes less now but loads more work. None of my work is busy work. I never have to just read the chapter and then do the questions at the end. I never have to just color a map and memorize what's on it.

On Thursday I have to give a presentation on the ancient cities of the Southwestern United States, most specifically the Great Kivas of Chaco Canyon. It's super interesting, but, unlike undergrad, all the research is done on my own, none of it is covered in class. As my cousin Phaedra warned me, teachers expect me to do reading outside of class.

I have to read tons of articles, write nine-page responses to queries, be attentive in class, work on assignments, give presentations, and pretty much learn everything there is to know about being a planner. So yeah, it's a lot of work. What's that saying, about the things we really want in life are generally the hardest to get.

This is not meant as a complaining post. Just a post to remind myself that grad school is different.



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