Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rockin' to Rachmaninoff

My cousin Phaedra is so awesome. She got free tickets to the Rachmaninoff concert Friday night at Abravenal Hall and decided to share them with me! So I get dressed up, which I love doing for something other than church, and we headed downtown. The seats were awesome, the music awesomer, and the company the awesomest.

Listening to Rachmaninoff was like listening to "midnight poetry with quiet reflection." It truly was beautiful. And all that talent in the orchestra! Wow! I love just looking at all the cellos and violins moving their bows in unison. And the trumpets and the cymbals and the flutes. Having pretty much zero musical talent myself, I'm always awed by other people's abilities.

The coolest thing about Abravenal Hall, even with its great acoustics and beautiful chandeliers, is the glass sculputre in the lobby. It was built for the Olympics, but somehow we got to keep it (I suspect a rich person bought it and donated it). It really is quite amazing. The pictures don't do it justice.


Lady Holiday said...

The sculpture is by Dale Chihuly. It is fabulous!


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