Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Washington DC: Days Five and Six

Wednesday was Lobby Day! The last day of the Summit is always the day when attendees come together by state and meet with the Congress people (well, their staff members at least) to ask them to support multi-modal transportation. Texas is a large state, so in addition to the two Senators we had a lot of Reps to meet with!

It was a busy day going between the Senate and Representative buildings. They don't have offices in the actual Capitol Building anymore, as there's just too many of them now. North of the Capitol are the Senate offices, housed in two buildings - Hart Senate Office Building and Russell Senate Office Building. The Representatives are in three buildings to the south of the Capitol - Rayburn, Cannon and Longworth House Office Buildings. The Senate offices are nicer and bigger than those for the Reps. All of them had Dr. Pepper, Starbursts and Skittles in abundance (all are made in Texas).

Lobby Day was also International Women's Day. I wore my red shoes (by accident really), and it was awesome to see so many women sporting red on the Hill.

I closed out the night with a recently-made friend from Richardson. We had tacos at a local place before she left for the airport. It was a busy but fun day, filled with meetings. It felt like we were making a small difference though and that's nice. Lobby Day feels productive and I like that.

Thursday was my last day in DC. Em was gone, so I just hung around. I had breakfast at Ted's Bulletin and took a walk around the area. I made my way to Union Station and then spent a decent amount of time at the National Postal Museum. I adore letters and postcards and this was such a cool museum to check out.

I did some walking around the Mall before deciding to check out the E Street Cinema again to see Kedi, a documentary about cats in Istanbul. It was adorable. The words of advice dropped by those caring for the cats was beautiful. I had some pizza then made my way to the airport to come home to Texas.



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