Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Cable Benefits

I cut the cable cord about a month ago. Prior to moving to Denton, I had just used an antenna and it was all I needed. I could still watch all the main broadcast channels plus PBS. But my apartment in Denton couldn't get a signal (I lived at the bottom of a "hill" with a tall building blocking it). I couldn't cut the cord entirely so I broke down and got cable.

At my home I discovered that I was in a better position for cable-reception and ended my cable contract. However, I couldn't get ABC to come in. I was able to get thirty or so other channels, but no matter where I put the antenna I could not get ABC. I did some research (ABC was also the channel that gave me the most issues in Topeka) and discovered that everyone in DFW had trouble getting ABC with their antennas. Turns out ABC is the only network that broadcasts on VHF; everyone else broadcasts on UHF. And there was a lot of frustration with people in the DFW area about this.

ABC also chooses to do live-streaming different than other networks. Even if you have a cable subscription, one can't watch live online unless living in one of eight markets. DFW is not one of those markets. Even through SlingTV or DirectTV or anything else, one has to be in one of the eight markets.

Know what is broadcast on ABC? The Oscars. So I reinstalled cable just to watch the Oscars.

Not only do I the ability to watch ABC clearly, but I also now have the Hallmark Channel. Hallmark movies are my weakness. And tonight, while randomly searching, I came across my favorite Hallmark movie ever, Loving Leah. And that makes the foray back into cable worth it.



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