Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Having roommates can be a very mixed bag. Sometimes they are awful and you're pretty sure that living on the street would be preferable than with that person. Fortunately, I've never had that experience. My sister was my actual room mate when we were kids living in a small house on Ardella in Pocatello. She was super clean and I was...let's just say not so clean (okay, let's call it clutter-y).

When I went to Snow College, my first experience with roommates and away from home, I lived with my best friend and my awesome cousin Rachel. So yeah, not really a big deal. Lindsay and I thought it was awesome--we'd watch t.v., order pizza from Fat Jack's, and occasionally study. It was like high school but ten times better because we didn't have parents and we lived together so coordinating activities was a lot easier.

Moving to New York was my first never-met-you-but-now-we-are-sharing-a-bathroom/kitchen/living space. Perhaps you don't know, but I got super lucky there, too. Rosemary and Maria (and Marky Mark, who I include as well because he was a pretty constant fixture at our place and lived on the second floor to our sixth floor) were the best roommates a girl moving out to the big city could ask for. They each hold a special place in my heart.

And the reason for this post, my current roommates. I had never met any of them before I moved in. Miraculously, we all get along, don't have drama, are all pretty easy going, and really just each do our part with the house cleaning and such. When the clothes in the dryer aren't yours but you need it for your currently wet clothes, we take them and fold them! Lacey did that for me tonight (I suspect she felt bad that I had folded hers a few times prior), and it made me think that roommates are pretty awesome.

I know that lots of people aren't so lucky with their roommates, and that I've been pretty blessed when it comes to the ones I've had. So even though having roommates can be less than ideal sometimes, for now, it's pretty good.



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