Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Story of My Biscuit Shirt

Everyone loves my cat, Biscuit. She's fat and super awesome. There is so much love for her, that before I left Kansas my friend Kate made a t-shirt for me (and her) featuring Biscuit.

 The shirt is perfect. It has an awesome cut and is a bright red. I would wear it everyday if I could.

The best thing about the shirt is that it elicits comments from complete strangers. I've been at the grocery store and had strangers say, "Nice shirt." I've been walking around the Square and had numerous people comment on it. It is the best conversation started when I meet new people. When Kate was in Denton, she actually had people meow at her. When I wore it in Dallas, a guy at a restaurant stopped to read it out loud, "Check meowt," then followed it with, "Done!"

But the best moment came when, at Arts and Jazz Festival, Jess noticed a guy wearing a shirt that also said "Check Meowt." She insisted I meet him and get a photo taken with him. I approached him and we bonded over our shirts and love for cats. He said he was a little concerned that he'd be the only person at Jazz Fest with a cat on his shirt!

 Turns out, the shirt he was wearing is from Walmart and pretty popular. Mine, however, is an original work of Kate Lindsay. Which makes it priceless. 



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