Saturday, April 1, 2017

Neverending Yardwork

It feels like I've done yardwork every weekend for the past several months. It just never stops. Leaves from the fall didn't go anywhere. Weeds keep growing. Grass keeps growing. Everything keeps growing.

I finally cleared off all the leaves in my front yard last weekend. It was an effort that spanned a couple months and filled up twenty brown leaf bags. I had sore muscles, run-ins with spiders and garden snakes. I had sweat and pain, and callouses on my hands.

And it felt very satisfying.

Today I tackled the backyard, which, since it's not visible from the street and therefore less attended to, was starting to look a bit unkempt. I filled up five leaf bags and could have used more (I really should just buy a bunch of these and have them on hand). The bamboo situation is unfortunately becoming a situation.

I'm currently just in a maintain situation. I'd like to do something great and grand with my yard -xeriscape in the front, garden and deck in the back - but none of that will happen for awhile. So in the meantime I keep pulling weeds and controlling the growth.


Phaedra said...

This is the main reason I moved into a townhouse. Hours and hours of work and then it looks the same is it did two days later. Ugh! I feel your pain!


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