Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thirty-Four is More

Monday was my 34th birthday, and I celebrated all weekend long. Because that's what one does when they are 34.

On Saturday I hit up all the things I love the most - tacos, ice cream and a movie. And then I treated myself to a pedicure.



Sunday I gathered a group of friends to go to the Royals/Rangers game with me. We got there early to "tailgate" before the game.

Even though it was only 70 degrees it felt really hot. We were on the third base side, which meant the sun was always shining on us.

The Royals hit two homeruns early in the game, but they didn't play so well overall. We left early to make our reservations at Zizikis, a Greek restaurant home to baklava cake ice cream. It was delicious. If any one comes to visit me in Denton we can go there - it will change your life (maybe not, but seriously it is so good).

I love my friends here and that they all spent a hot day in the sun with me to celebrate my birthday!
Allison, Robby, Tim, Jessica, Me, Garret, and Suzi

I arrived at work on Monday to a decorated office from my dear friend Kevin Ann. My friend Stephanie made me a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" to me in my office. She then took me to lunch to celebrate my birthday.

I closed out the day at my friend Suzi's house, where we ate popcorn while commenting on the ridiculousness of National Treasure. It was a fantastic birthday and I felt very loved.



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