Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ivy and Tia Julie Take New York: Wicked

I told Ivy we could see any Broadway show she wanted. She hadn't yet discovered Hamilton, so she chose her favorite musical, Wicked. I thought this was a great choice, even though I've seen it three times already (Ivy has seen it, too; but I didn't realize that and thought this was her first time).

We got back to our hotel to change and get ourselves all gussied-up for the show around six. Ivy borrowed a dress from her mom and she looked so grown-up!

We walked the couple blocks to the show at the Gershwin Theater. Wicked has been playing there since it debuted in 2003, and is still one of the hottest tickets on Broadway. The girls sitting next to us with their dad were seeing it for the first time, which made me think to when I first saw it in May 2007 at the Apollo Victoria in London. I saw it again in the first couple months of living in New York. I saw it for the third time in SLC in 2014, and, honestly, wasn't that impressed by it.

But seeing it again in New York reminded me why I love this musical! Ivy and I agreed that the actress playing Galinda was fantastic. It's a slightly more showy role than Elphaba, and an actress can do things with it to make it their own. Nothing, though, is more powerful than when Elphaba belts out, "Defying Gravity" at the end of act one.

I had to take this real quick as the line was moving. 

I LOVE this photo. We look so great. 

During intermission Ivy and I discussed Fiyero, and how he didn't have much stage presence during his big, introductory song, "Dancing Through Life." It was kind of flat. The actor played the role of Rolf in the live version of The Sound of Music on NBC, and this is his first Broadway role. He was better in act two, though, and impressed me with "As Long As Your Mine."

Thanks, strangers, for taking this photo of us during intermission!

Ivy and I talked about what we liked about the show, mainly how a person can't judge another by outward things. And that being wicked can be relative, and that people can change. I like that it is a story about two females and their friendship and how they support one another. It's a great show!

Oh hey, look, it's Julie Andrews!

We were hungry after the show, and thankfully kitty-corner from our hotel was a Shake Shack. It was on Ivy's list so naturally we made our way there after the show. As we were crossing the street to get there a guy overheard us talking about the apparent long line. He said it would move quick and would be worth it (obviously; I've been there before but when you're hungry you want your food NOW). I had a hamburger while Ivy had chicken, and we each got a shake. It was delicious and the perfect ending to our night. Ivy couldn't believe that the Shake Shack was so busy at 10:30 p.m. New York is truly the city that never sleeps.



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