Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Trainwreck

A couple nights ago I went to the movie theater. I may have went just because I wanted some popcorn. And I was bored. I settled on seeing "Trainwreck" even though my desire to see it had dropped considerably.

My initial excitement for the movie was based off thinking it was going to be different, not just "business as usual" for a rom-com. I thought Amy Schumer, whose comedy clips from her show i have really liked, would reinvent the genre - tell a new story from a new point of view.

She didn't.  Amy and Aaron like each other, and they decide to start dating even though Amy believes monogamy is crazy. We know this because there is a scene of her dad telling her this at a young age, followed by a montage of her having one-night stands. That doesn't really bother me - if she wants to have sex "like a man" go for it.

What I didn't like was that it took that premise and character set-up and didn't do anything with it. The film was the same-old same-old story and implausible plot lines. Amy just happens to get a phone call from her boss, threatening to be fired if she doesn't respond, right in the middle of Aaron giving a speech for an award he's been given. The two have a fight that keeps them up all night the exact night before he has to do intense, radical surgery on Amare Stoudemire. 

I can handle the normal rom-com tropes if they are done well. Or if it's enjoyable (and that's pretty subjective). This was not. It was a trainwreck.



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