Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Solitary Adventure

I really like hanging out with people. But I also really like doing things by myself. Yesterday was, as  my cousin Phaedra puts it, a day for solitary adventure. I could've called various people to do these activities with me, but I just felt like having a day to myself. I did my training for the 5k I'm doing in October in the morning, extending the length so I could see the temple; I hit up the Avenues Street Fair and bought some kettle corn and awesome owl earrings; went to my friend Mary's wedding reception in West Valley (which brought back some crazy memories from when my sister and I first moved to Salt Lake and Mary was one of the first friends I made in my ward); and then, because I didn't feel like going home, I made my way to the Broadway Theater to catch a showing of Celeste and Jesse Forever. It's a bittersweet movie that sadly I could relate to.



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