Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paying for School

I opened up my school e-mail last week, something I do rather infrequently, to find that I had been awarded two scholarships for the upcoming school year!! One was a departmental scholarship and the other was from WTS: Advancing Women in Transportation. I was excited for the departmental one because it meant the teachers in the department thought about me when they were in their scholarship meeting (I'm on the Graduate Admissions Committee so I know this). I was excited for the WTS one because it was directly related to the field I want to make a career in.

Unfortunately, since I'm graduating in Fall semester and the Departmental Scholarship stipulates that the student must be enrolled in Fall and Spring semesters, it was revoked. Totally lame.

But the other one is still good, and last night I went to the WTS Gala where I was recognized for my Scholarship Award. It was very exciting being surrounded by women who all work in transportation. I spoke with the previous year's winners and had a good time. Everyone involved is excited for me and my future career. It was a very cool night. (Pictures were taken but they haven't been posted yet on the website.)

Being there last night was an exciting moment for me. I realized that I'll be graduating soon and will (hopefully) be working in my chosen career. I will be one of those professional women in transportation. Wow.



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