Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Club: Into the Wild

Since Book Club this month coincided with my birthday month, I got to pick the book. My favorite fairy tale, or at least version of the fairly tale (because I don't think Rapunzel is my all-time favorite fairy tale), is Disney's Tangled so we picked the book Into the Wild by Sara Beth Durst (not to be confused with the Jon Krakauer book and movie. When we discovered the main character's name was Julie, we had to pick it.

Once again we had a good discussion about the book, that ranged from liking aspects of it to critiquing other parts of it. It would be an excellent book for younger girls, such as my niece Ivy and Pam's own niece Carlye. We also talked about a whole lot of other things not related to the book at all. Great night with great people. Sadly, no picture was taken.


pambelina said...

I realized this morning that we hadn't taken a picture! Too sad.


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