Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey, School Started!

Yep, summer has ended and school has started. I'm actually glad for this. I sort of flounder when I have nothing pressing to do, no assignments or homework or things I have to get done, no schedule that I follow. So while I had big plans for my summer, I didn't really do anything. And not a whole lot of the things on my list (I certainly didn't blog more!).

But now I will be consumed by school and homework and a schedule. Yay! My first class today has already started out great and I'm excited for all I will learn (it's Intro to Transportation Planning, the class I started taking 2 years ago before it was sadly discovered that I was not a resident. Luckily for me, though, the book I bought back then is still being used!).

Some things I'm looking forward to this semester:
--getting to leave work early for classes ("See ya, suckers!" is what I would say to my co-workers if I was mean and didn't like them)
--using my brain
--walking around campus (to hopefully help with the shedding of some of these extra pounds I seem to have found on my body)
--late-night paper-writing sessions!
--Fall Break (where should I go....)
--using my brand-new notebook and seeing it get demolished as the semester moves on
--meeting people who are as passionate as I am about the things I'm passionate about :)
--getting that much closer to graduating and getting a real, career job!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Picture Post

I have been doing things recently. Here are pictures to prove it.

Grandma turned 98 and we had a big family get-together in Ephraim.

Family Reunion in Blackfoot. (My mom and her sister Debra)

Saw best friend Lindsay-loo in a play in Pocatello.

Went to Bear Lake with some co-workers (I'm in the pink swimming suit).

Celebrated Mo's sixth birthday.
Visited with my cousin Rachel and her new baby, Kieden (sadly, no pictures were taken).

Ice cream with old friend.

Continued my obsession with, and got my sister also hooked on, The Vampire Diaries.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another TV Distraction

If you read my blog at all (all two of you) then you know I have a tendency to get hooked on things that are sort of stupid that takes me away from blogging. That stupid things is usually a tv show. From Lost to Chuck, I seem to get easily addicted and sucked into something that it kind of takes over my life.

I am sort of embarrassed by this.

A couple weeks ago it was Party Down that I discovered on instant streaming on Netflix (don't get me started on their 60% price increase). Adam Scott is delish.

Now it is The Vampire Diaries. I feel completely dumb admitting this because a) it is a vampire show and it seems like I am jumping on the bandwagon of all things vampires (but, as with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was also weird to admit to watching, it's really good), and b) it is on the CW, and I'm slightly past the age demographic of watching anything on that channel anymore. Have you seen what shows they have? They are slightly atrocious.

But I like to think of The Vampire Diaries as an anomaly. It is not dumb and moronic like Gossip Girl or whatever other teen shows the CW puts on the air. The writing is excellent, the mythology interesting, and the acting great. And, even without a single beard on the show, some really nice eye candy (if you're into that sort of thing...) Of the two vampire brothers, Damon is apparently the one fans and such love. But, having come to this two season into it, I've missed the boat on Damon and have no idea why anyone would prefer him to Stefan.

Yep, I sound just like a teenage girl. Which I guess is appropriate if I'm going to admit to watching a vampire show on the CW.

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