Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day

I write this as I sit in the (newly renovated) library at the University of Utah. Today is the first day of classes, and let me tell ya, it feels good to be back in school. It's different being here as a graduate student (I feel more wise and a lot older than everyone else) but in other ways is just the same. My first class is Intro to Transportation and I already love it. What I don't love is being on the graduate level and having to the extra papers and work that I used to think would be just awful when I was an undergrad. But, alas, such is life when you try to move onward and upward. I really like my teacher, though, and think I can learn a lot from him. I am now off to my second class of the day, Urbanization. I get a little tired at this point in the day and hope I can stay awake...



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