Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey, School Started!

Yep, summer has ended and school has started. I'm actually glad for this. I sort of flounder when I have nothing pressing to do, no assignments or homework or things I have to get done, no schedule that I follow. So while I had big plans for my summer, I didn't really do anything. And not a whole lot of the things on my list (I certainly didn't blog more!).

But now I will be consumed by school and homework and a schedule. Yay! My first class today has already started out great and I'm excited for all I will learn (it's Intro to Transportation Planning, the class I started taking 2 years ago before it was sadly discovered that I was not a resident. Luckily for me, though, the book I bought back then is still being used!).

Some things I'm looking forward to this semester:
--getting to leave work early for classes ("See ya, suckers!" is what I would say to my co-workers if I was mean and didn't like them)
--using my brain
--walking around campus (to hopefully help with the shedding of some of these extra pounds I seem to have found on my body)
--late-night paper-writing sessions!
--Fall Break (where should I go....)
--using my brand-new notebook and seeing it get demolished as the semester moves on
--meeting people who are as passionate as I am about the things I'm passionate about :)
--getting that much closer to graduating and getting a real, career job!



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