Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adventures in Transit

I love transit. I love meeting new people when I'm on the bus or train. Here are some delightful encounters from my trip to Seattle.

Not wanting to pay for 6 days of parking at the airport, I walked to the train station in downtown Denton and rode the train to the connection with DART. After some minor issues (thank you Google Maps and the random coincidence of me checking at the exact right moment - it was at the Royal Lane stop so clearly it was kismet), I made it through the downpour to Love Field two trains and two buses later.

My bus driver to the airport was chatty. He wanted to know where I was going, then proceeded to tell me the things he liked about Seattle. He was friendly, and I enjoyed his good attitude as I embarked on my vacation.

Once in Seattle, I needed to make my way to the Northgate Mall to meet my ex sister-in-law. Once I knew I was going to Seattle I planned to make time to see my nieces and nephew, who moved up there last year when Joylynne got remarried. She and her husband were going to meet me halfway between Seattle and where they live in Edmonds.

I hopped on the lightrail and spent the time talking with my realtor (the option period on the home I had made an offer on was expiring this day and we were trying to get the extension of it all sorted out). Then I got on a bus headed for the mall. I chatted with a guy on the bus who asked if I was coming home or arriving in Seattle. When I told him I lived in Texas we made a connection because he used to live in Austin. He helped me with the best walking route to the mall from the bus stop, and I waved as I left the bus.

When we took the train to the Mariners game we were able to have conversation with another passenger. I was wearing my KC hat, as was Kate, and he asked us how we became Royals fans. We chatted and it felt homey, something that brought us together.

When I got on the train headed to Denton,  a girl noticed my "Check Meowt" shirt, which I was wearing. I heard her tell her grandma that we were wearing a shirt with the same words on it. And we did!! Which obviously made us instant friends. I then chatted with her and her grandparents as the train made its way to Denton.

Once we arrived and were walking off the platform, I looked over to see my friend Suzi! She was returning form a trip to San Francisco with her boyfriend. It made me so happy to run into friends. Suzi and I chatted as we walked, and the check meowt girl's grandma made a comment that it was probably my shirt that helped me make friends (yes, that made me very happy).

I treasure these transit experiences. None of them could have happened in a car. And each of them made me feel connected to the people and world around me. Yes, I'm glad I have a car, but I'm also glad for the transit opportunities I have.



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