Saturday, July 8, 2017

The New Kitty

Two weeks ago I brought this cute little kitty home.

She was a stray found at City Hall, and after receiving much love and care from many of the people at City Hall I was the one that got to take her home. It wasn't always easy introducing a new, stray cat to Biscuit. I did all the things I was supposed to - keep them separate, let them eat next to each through a door, let them get slowly acquainted to each other's scents - and wasn't sure if things would ever feel normal (it's only been two weeks so clearly my patience time-frame is tiny).

Things aren't entirely normal, but Biscuit is adapting; sometimes she hisses at kitty (Biscuit is NOT a morning cat apparently), but other times she licks her head and it's just so adorable. Biscuit is still sometimes not sure of li'l kitty but I think she will eventually come around.

Li'l kitty is doing great! She runs around and plays all. the. time. I haven't had a kitten in a very long time and have forgotten just how playful they are (Biscuit just sleeps all the time). She is eating food and using the litter box. She's growing. She still is a little skittish sometimes, and doesn't quite like strangers just yet, but she IS a stray. I think she'll get adapted to other people just like Biscuit (if you came over to my home Biscuit would lay on your lap and love you). After keeping me up much of the night and early morning playing with items under my bed, she has been pretty chill most of today. Currently li'l kitty is sleeping sounding on the scratching pad at my feet, and Biscuit is snoring next to me on the arm of the couch.

Since li'l kitty was found at City Hall (and the vet was 99% sure she is a she) I am thinking of naming her Leslie. Perhaps Leslie O'Neil (the architect of City Hall is Texas-famous O'Neil Ford).



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