Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth 2017

This year's Fourth of July was fairly low-key. Last year I caught the parade, and then went to Ikea since I had just closed on my home. This year I didn't even make it to the parade - I was hooked on finishing The Handmaid's Tale (and I had to make potato salad).

I went over to my friend Stephanie's home to have lunch. We grilled chicken and corn on the cob, and with my potato salad we had a pretty fabulous lunch. We chatted and played the game of "Life". The game has changed a bit since I played it as a kid! Less career options, more interested in having the players do things during actions cards (dance, tell an embarrassing story, etc.). I was a lawyer with a ranch (and a husband and no kids). Steph, however, lived a very exciting life, starting out first as a farmer, then going to night school to become a teacher, losing that job for bringing a cat to school, then becoming a brains surgeon only to be fired for sleeping on the job. She ended her career as a musician and climbed Mount Everest.

Then I joined up with my friend Suzi, her boyfriend and his friend to see the fireworks at Apogee Stadium here in Denton. Unfortunately, it wasn't the most spectacular firework show. The music choices were odd (anything with the word America, USA or freedom in it was chosen), and the how itself consisted of a lot of single fireworks. The finale came out of nowhere and wasn't impressive. Next year I'll have to make actual plans.



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