Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Work in May and June

The past two months have been crazy at work. May was Bike Month and I (along with volunteers and help from fantastic people) put on Denton's first open streets event, CycloDia. It was a hot, sweaty, stressful, fun, crazy event. I'm glad it happened, but also glad when it was over. As always, it was a busy, fun month. 

June brought less fun items, but still items integral to my job. As I work to implement the Bike Plan of Denton, it sometimes means that on-street parking needs to be removed to facilitate a bike lane. This is generally always a fight, and I haven't yet come across this scenario in my career. Until now. 

My item went to City Council this Tuesday to get the ordinance to make the street No Parking so a bike lane could be installed. I gave a presentation that, frankly, I felt really good about (if you feel like it, you can watch it here and click on Agenda Item 5D). The item died when it failed to get a second. Then it was voted on to be postponed. 

It was a tough night. I put a lot of work, effort, energy, time and passion into this item. It's hard. But, I'll keep working and fighting for bike lanes. Every bike coordinator, bike advocate, person who bikes has to go through the parking-removal fight. 



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