Saturday, November 3, 2012

Book Club: The Sleeping Beauty

Last night I had two book clubs! The first was with my former co-workers at Myriad that we've been doing since we all read The Hunger Games. We meet at Red Robin after work and talk about the book while we eat fries and hamburgers. The book this month was The Princess Bride, and since everyone loved it we didn't have a whole lot to talk about it. But really, who doesn't love the classic tale of true love, intrigue, sword fighting and fire swamps?!

The second was my monthly book club started by my friend Pam. It was my turn to host, which is always fun. We were short three of our members this time, so it was a small, intimate gathering of just three. Our book this month was The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey. This book took a good 100+ pages to get interesting, and even then it wasn't entirely engaging to me. More than once I wondered if the trials to gain the princess was really what the whole book was going to be about. There were story parts that got stranded and were never returned to, which was kind of annoying. Also, there was a lot of describing going on, and I felt it needed to be edited a lot. That being said, we had a lot to discuss and the night was wonderful.

No picture taken. Oops.



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