Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Jorge!

My oldest nephew, Jorge, turned 13 on July 12th. To celebrate, he spent the day at Lagoon with his best friend and mom and favorite aunt! It was crazy hot, but we braved the heat and rode every single new ride Lagoon has gotten in the past ten years. The Spider was my favorite, Wicked was wicked, BomBora was lame, Samurai was crazy, the new Air*Race was so-so, and the JetStar is completely awful. We got wet on Rattlesnake Rapids, drove like race car drivers at the Go-Karts, drank lots of water, and had a blast doing everything! Happy Birthday Jorge!

I used to be a pansy when it came to rollercoasters, but I was fearless!


jeff said...

Woah, a blog from the future! Thanks for letting us know August 12th will be hot. ;-)

Samurai is my favorite ride at Lagoon.


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