Sunday, September 24, 2017


Last year I was sitting in a movie theater watching the abysmally awful Bridget Jones's Baby when I received a text message. And then several others. Since I'm not a doctor I don't check my phone during a movie. When the movie ended and the lights came up I pulled out my phone to see what was going on.

It was a text from my former boss in Topeka, which was strange. He was letting me know that Susan had passed away unexpectedly.

My mind couldn't process it.

I quickly left the theater, and while walking to my car I couldn't control the tears. I read the text again. Susan had been hiking in Colorado when she fell and hurt her knee. Her dad picked her up and brought her back to Kansas. Overnight, while in the hospital, she developed a blood clot in her leg that traveled to her heart.

My emotions had nowhere to go but out my eyes. And they came hard and fast and uncontrollable. Biscuit had fleas, and I needed to go to PetSmart to get flea treatment. I went in in a daze and barely controlled my tears while making my way through the store.

Cleaning my home and cat of fleas was a good distraction for the rest of that Sunday evening. My dear friend Suzi, when I told her the news, stopped by unexpectedly with tacos and chips and queso. It meant so much to me.

It's been a year now since Susan has been gone.  I think of her every day. I want her to be remembered, and think always of how I can help her memory live on. I'm generally failing at that.

I miss her.



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