Thursday, July 8, 2010

Toy Story 3

Best. Movie. Of. The. Summer. A-mazing!! Seriously, what are you doing reading this when you could be out watching Toy Story 3?!

Much like last summer when I professed my love for Up!, I will again tell you that this is why I go to the movies. I don't care if the characters are animated and are talking toys; they are fully developed characters, which is more than what lots of other movies offer.

The film has heart, adventure, sadness, longing, happiness, excitement, terror (that big Baby!), nostalgia, and every other emotion you could think of. It has story, character, plot, good dialogue, good lesson/moral, awesome directing. And as me and my similarly-aged friends watched, I couldn't help but think that it's not really a kid movie, as the mostly adult audience we saw it with were laughing (and crying) just as we were and the few kids that were there didn't make a sound.

So thank you, Pixar, for once again making my summer movie season great. I was beginning to think that this summer would be a complete waste, as the number of films I've seen was drastically lower than last summer. I just wasn't excited about anything coming out. Until now. Seriously, get yourself to a movie theater and be prepared to be entertained.



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